Possible side activities for business conferences

Escorted Tour
Our facility lies by the Nassau park, featured by wonderful hiking paths. What sounds better than ending an exhausting seminar with a little walk outside in the fresh air? Free your mind and get to know your fellow seminar-guests better. With our local tour guide, you can take a trip, for example to our traditional forest tavern “Waldgaststube Flürchen”, to the KASINO cellar or maybe just around the block to inquire the area. En route, we will surprise you with a variety of drinks and snacks, if requested. When twilight begins to fall, the atmosphere gets especially idyllic as you stroll under the flickering lights.

Duration: from 30 minutes up to 6 hours according to your wishes
Max. number of participants:
none, we have plenty of tour guides J

Hiking tour to the “Köppel”-Hut
Our summit tour “Gipfelstürmung” is a very special one: Take a hike to the highest point of the Westerwald, walking past the Napoleon built 546 meter signal pole and the TV tower. On the lookout tower Köppel you have a breathtaking view at the Eifel, the Hunsrück, the Westerwald, as well as the Nassau park. Upon arrival to the “Köppel” hut you can enjoy homemade dishes served by the landlord, such as “Aschenbraten”, Brotzeitteller and the traditional “Köppelgeist”. The departure from the “Köppel” hut can either be on foot or by bus or taxi.

Duration: ca. 1,5 hours for the simple tour path;
bus ride ca. 15 minutes Hotel Heinz – „Köppel“ hut
Max. number of participants: 50
Misc. :
En route, we can serve you a Mondschein drink or similar, on request.

Beer sommelier evening "Expeditions to the Beer Realm"
Experience the diversity of indulgence and aromas of the Hachenburger beers. Conducted by a professional beer sommelier, you can get a taste of various beers along with a 3-Course-Menu at our forest tavern “Waldgaststube Flürchen” (or the hotel restaurant). To that you can enjoy Pils, Weizen, Light, Schwarzbier and other beers, as well as learn interesting facts about the production and processing of beer.

Duration: ca. 2,5 hours including the meal.
Max. number of participants: 30

KASINO Cellar – traditional beauty with modern style
Experience an atmospheric evening in our historically vaulted cellar. An old wine and coal cellar from the 19th century in Grenzhausen offers, after careful restoration in 2008, a cozy place with stone walls, noble leather furniture, old oaken tables and candle lights. Enjoy a local buffet, wine tasting, rustic delicacies or just a simple beer. The cellar is a ca. 50 minute walk or 5 minute car or bus ride away from Hotel Heinz.

Duration: 2+ hours depending on the program
Max. number of participants: 50-60
Misc. : perfectly combinable with a visit at a pottery workshop on the upper floor or a sightseeing tour at the Ceramics Museum Westerwald (within a 500 m range)
Misc.: for your return we recommend a bus ride (ca. 50 €) or taxi.
Optionally, we can recommend other suitable event.

Westerwälder Evening at the KASINO Cellar
Our tour guide will be waiting for you at the hotel entrance and together you can take a walk through the Westerwald. En route, we will surprise the group with a snack and local schnapps (german beverage) before we enter the KASINO Cellar for a “Westerwälder Special-Buffet”. Inter alia, we serve Döppekuchen, Westerwälder potato soup, cream ragout, various salads and native desserts.

Wine tasting at the KASINO Cellar
Taste the fine drops of wine from local winegrowers and get useful tips and background information on cultivation, taste and quality (6 wines, 1 sparkling wine, 1 dessert wine). To that, we serve suitable delicacies, simple or noble. Especially recommendable is the “Culinary Wine Tasting”, at which the wines are being tasted accompanied by a full-course menu. With this tasting, the differences between the wines can be easily distinguished.

Wine tasting (6 wines, 1 sparkling wine, 1 dessert wine, breadFarmerdish with meals inspired by the countryside       
Simple buffet (before or subsequently)
with an accompanied 4-course menu (culinary wine tasting)

Witness the noble brandies of the traditional and innovative Birkenhof distillery from Nistertal in Westerwald. Brandy expert Stephanie Klöckner will guide you through a diverting evening, marked by noble distillers. Plunge into a world of explosions of flavour and refine your taste and smelling sensors. Try rarities, such as Möhrenbrand, Williams with honey, Haselnut or a Westerwälder Whiskey. Don’t worry: you will not get drunk after the tasting – you can only take a sip!

Optional: Noblebrand menu with 6 courses incl. brandies, bread
Prices apply for groups with over 10 people. Smaller groups have to pay an additional estimated charges.

Literary Evening
Enjoy literary artworks in the genre of your choice, surrounded by a stylish ambience, while dining. An experienced actor reads serious or funny texts, as well as philosophical and classical works regarding indulgence & culinary or seasonal.
(Duration ca. 60 minutes)

Westerwälder Vernacular-Evening
After dinner, Dietmar Gerharz – author of vernacular verses and speeches - and a native Westerwälder narrate their stories from the region with their own original verses and rhymes, "Westerwälder-Platt". (Duration ca. 1 hour)

Medieval Entertainers
A historically dressed duo guides the evening with greetings, explaining table manners, introduction of the buffet/menu, the obligatory poison testing, table magic, as well as music, juggling and singing. Suitable to this show would be a contemporary buffet of course. Dance/fire dance can be arranged after consultation. (Duration ca. 3 - 4 hours)

"Geocaching" is the modern form of a treasure hunt. Equipped with a GPS signal and the coordination data of a “treasure map”, the hidden treasures are to be found. Through an attentive search in the forest with good company, nature is being discovered in a whole different sense. After a quick welcoming and introduction at the forest tavern, the hunt begins in small groups with GPS and an experienced westerwald cacher for approximately 2 hours. Subsequently, the teams will be awarded for their successful treasure hunt and possibly receive an award to their liking (you can either bring the award yourself or we will order it according to your wishes).

Duration: depending on the number of participants ca. 2 hours
Max. number or participants: 20
Misc.: Geocaching can also be practiced at night.

Grilling in our BBQ area
Enjoy our dreamy nature at a cozy barbeque evening with view on the Brexbach floodplains and lagoons. Our cuisine will prepare various salads, pickled steaks, sausages with vegetables, a breadbasket, butter and dips. A cool beer and other drinks will be waiting for you at the grill area.

Duration: 2+ hours
Max. number of participants: for groups over 30, we can arrange another grill area approximately 500m away)
Misc: ideal supplement activity is the „Hütten-Vierkampf“; musical entertainment on request.

Reinforce the team spirit and dexterity of your participants with our entertaining “Hotel Heinz Hütten-Vierkampf”: Right in front of our grill area, you will have access to a shooting range, at which the teams take part in four disciplines, testing their dexterity and aiming accuracy. By shooting with a crossbow or a slingshot, points are achieved depending on your aiming accuracy. Experience shows, both untrained and expert shooters find this to be an impressive pastime activity. At a second stand next to the hut, your guests will recall some old childhood memories by throwing tennis balls at empty cans. Sociability and open communication are a given. In the discipline “Wett-Nageln” the participants have to show stamina and technique in throwing nails as fast and wholly into a tree trunk as possible. At the beginning, the guests are being admitted to the stands and introduced to the program by our employees. The points from all disciplines will be added together to determine the final winner of the competition. The addition of the points, as well as the winner’s ceremony can be carried out by us, if requested so. Subsequently, the winners will receive a certificate and possibly a prize of their choice (you can either bring the award yourself or we will order it according to your wishes).

Duration: depending on number of participants ca. 1 - 2 hours
Max. number of participants: 40

Wellness and Fitness
Description: An unusual side activity for body, spirit and soul…! In our over 2500 m² wellness and sauna area, the guests will be provided with an extensive wellness program, practised by professional trainers.
Each guest is granted one treatment from the following offer (ca. 25 minutes each):

  • Relaxing wellness massage
  • Bio release pressure-point-massage
  • Soothing head or foot massage
  • Whey bath in a whirlpool
  • Luxurious Cleopatra bath
  • Apple-Rosehip-Package in a waterbed
  • Seasalt body peeling
  • Face peeling and mask
  • Manicure or Pedicure
  • Warm oil anointing (gentle oil massage)
  • Additional : optional participation in a muscle relaxation
    or Powergym or Meditation

Bathrobes and towels will be prepared for you. Usage of our wellness, bath and sauna area with Finnish sauna, laconium, caldarium, aroma-sauna, sole grotto, steam bath and thermal loungers, as well as a modern fitness studio.

Duration: 2+ hours (time required depends on the number of participants)
Max. number of participants: 40
Misc: Swimwear and reservations are required.

Cooking school at Hotel Silicium
Complement your business meeting by taking part in a special „Culinary Program“ in our sister hotel, Hotel Silicium, located in town. Teambuilding over the stove–cooking is mod and fun: prepare a full 4-course menu with the guidance of a professional chef. From prepping the basic ingredients, to serving on a plate, learn an expert’s tips & tricks and muck in! Naturally, you will also be taught the secrets of decorating tableware and folding napkins. We show you how it’s done! Everyone is guaranteed to find a suitable task for themselves – regardless of whether you’re a newbie or experienced hobby cook. Enjoy your self-prepared meal and get a hold of your favourite recipes to try them out at home.

Duration: ca. 3 - 4 hours incl. dinning
Number of participants: 10 - 20 people, smaller or bigger groups on demand.

Chefs’ Duel in Hotel Silicium
Following the example of the popular TV show, your participants will engage in a cooking battle against each other. The participants will be divided into two teams – one for appetizer & soups, the other for main course & dessert. The teams will be given a shopping cart and similar to a cooking exam, each team will have to choose their ingredients needed to prepare their courses. While dining all together, the participants of the respective opponent must review each meal on quality and give it a ranking from 1 – 10. Of course you cannot evaluate your own meal – the team with the most points is the winner. An employee will be there for coordination and possible assistance on site.

Duration: ca. 3 - 4 hours incl. dining
Number of participants: 10 - 20 people, smaller or bigger groups on demand.
Arrival: by bus or taxi ca. 5 minutes, on foot ca. 50 minutes.

Selfmade Dinner at Hotel Silicium
Test your teamwork by a joint cooking session in our party kitchen. We arrange the ingredients and recipes and bestow you our kitchen – the rest is up to the participants…

From assigning the tasks to scheduling the events, teamwork and a clear overview are needed, so that nobody has to stay hungry. A little faith in the team and/or some thrill are also included. Only cleaning up and washing the dishes will be handed over to us afterwards – however, please don’t wreck our party kitchen J

Duration: ca. 2 - 3 hours incl. dinning
Number of participants: 10 - 20 people, smaller or bigger groups on demand.
Misc.: On request, we can have an expert to stand by for supervision.
For necessary extra cleaning, charges will be levied according to working hours.

Cocktail course at Hotel Silicium
You’ve always wanted to discover the secrets of Caipiriha, Planters Punch, Mojito & Co. or even create your own cocktail? No problem! Together with our barista you will be able to manufacture delicious drinks with or without alcohol. Information on origins, production and storage of the noble ingredients will also be shared with you. We will provide you with ingredients, equipment, recipes and tips from an expert.

Duration: ca. 2 hours
Number of participants: 10 - 20 people, smaller or bigger groups on demand.

Let your creativity run free and try out ceramic pottery for yourself. Höhr-Grenzhausen is the town of ceramic and has been home to this craft for thousands of years. Today the town hosts a variety of institutions for technical and artistic ceramics, a University of Applied Sciences, as well as the ceramic museum and a business incubation centre. Get a thorough insight on ceramics from experienced ceramists and try pottery at our partner workshop in the nearby Grenzhausen. Potter a masterpiece for your office or create a personalized coffee cup for a friend or colleague. Conclusively, your artworks will be burned to harden, glazed and sent to your home as a souvenir.

Duration: from ca. 1,5 hours
Max. number of participants: 25 people
Misc.: Drinks and snacks can be provided or served to you as a welcome or buffet at the atelier, if requested. Sightseeing at the ceramic museum with historical, but highly topical exponents stands on offer to conclude your program (Duration: ca. 1,5 hours; lies at a 500 m range)

Wine tasting and a “Vintner’s Dish”
Visit a winegrower at the nearby cultivating regions along the Rhine or Mosel rivers and experience an interesting wine tasting straight from the cellar. Find out about diverse vintages and their flavours, worth-to-know facts about wine growing and winery, as well as many sorts of grape wines and how to distinguish them by their quality features. To that, you will not only get to taste the vintners’ own wines, but you will also be offered a local snack, such as the traditional “Winzerteller” (Vintner’s Dish) and other regional delicacies. Arrival and departure to and from the location is possible by bus or by car in ca. 15 minutes.

Duration: ca. 1,5 hours for wine tasting + arrival and welcoming
Bus prices depend on number of participants
Maximum number of participants: 10 - 90 people
Misc. : Vineyard tours can be requested (duration ca. 2 hours).

Treasure Hunt in the Woods
In an individual treasure hunt, especially designed for your group, you get the chance to test and encourage your guests’ teamwork skills and commitment. The teams work their ways through a number of tasks regarding the area, the hotel and general knowledge (possibly with questions about their representing company) to reach their destination. All teams will be assisted by an employee to reassure their safe and timely arrival at the destination. The rating takes place after all questions have been answered correctly or after the time limit expires. A possible objective of this treasure hunt is a visit to the “Köppel” hut or our tavern “Waldgaststube Flürchen”.

Duration: ca. 2,5 hours + arrival and departure
Max. number of participants: can be settled.
Misc. : resistant clothing would be beneficial.

Guided Cycling Tour through the Nassau Park
Start directly from our hotel, accompanied by a tour guide, and cycle through the gently hilled region of Westerwald. We will prepare a suitable route plan, as well as a resting spot to meet the group’s expectations. Appropriate bikes and helmets will be provided by us of course.

Duration: 1,5 hour for the tour
Resting time can be arranged.
Max. number of participants: 20 per guide
Misc. : We recommend the tour with electric bikes (with charge), since the area has many hills. Experience shows, untrained guests will have a hard time with normal bikes. Electric bikes are suitable for both trained and untrained cyclists. This will also give the guests a chance to take longer routes and explore more of the region. Normal bikes can be distributed on request.

Shooting Competition
Test your concentration skills and show a „calm hand“ in rifle shooting at the shooter club’s facility of the St. Sebastianus-Shooters (at a 300m range from our hotel). Experience is not required, you will be assisted by professional shooters. Rifles are being distributed on site. Pleasurably, we can align a local buffet on the club’s facility grounds.

Duration: ca. 2 hours (depending on number of participants), plus possible meal.
Max. number of participants: 25

Insights on Nordic Walking
Make your guests try out this new trendy sport and tank up energy for a successful seminar! Nordic Walking is a special joint-relaxing and effective training method to improve your sense of coordination, weight reduction and strengthening of the back, shoulder and arm muscles. Due to the steady movements of the arms, back pain can often be alleviated. For beginners, as well as trained participants, Nordic Walking is ideal for relaxation and energy refilling for your upcoming seminar.  

Duration: ca. 1,5 hours
Max. number of participants: ca. 10 people per group, multiple groups are possible.
Misc. : trainers or trekking shoes are required, sportswear would be beneficial.

Relaxation Techniques from the Far East
Alongside our trainer, your guests will get the chance to experience some of the most popular Asian relaxation techniques, such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Yoga. We teach the importance of rhythmic breathing. Even beginners will start to feel how soothing this gentle way of moving and meditating affects the body. All the more good will it do if you practise this training before a stressful seminar, it will have a calming effect on you and the stress will be gone. Relaxation techniques can also help you find a healthy Work-Life-Balance.

Duration: ca. 90 minutes
Max. number of participants: ca. 15 people per group
Misc.: casual every-day clothing is all you need!

Relaxation Program for Conscious Breathing (including a Tour through the Brexbach Floodplains)
Take a walk with our trainer through the idyllic Brexbach floodplains, located nearby our hotel. Tank up new energy with a short relaxing meditation, surrounded by rustling creeks and unscathed nature. The participants feel the strength and inspiration given by nature during a short break from their work. It can also be practised as a morning greeting before breakfast!

Duration: ca. 1,5 hours
Max. number of participants: ca. 20 people
Misc.: Resistant shoes would be beneficial

Relaxation Program: Progressive Muscle Relaxation
The ideal program for in-between: Our trainers will pay you a visit in the conference room and teach you the probably easiest and at all times practicable relaxation technique.

Unbend your body and soul through purposeful tensing and spontaneous release of individual muscle groups. A perfect conclusion of a strenuous day at a meeting or very suitable to relax during a lunch break at work. What’s more: participants don’t need any sportswear and there is no rearrangement of the room necessary for this activity, a chair to sit on is all you need.

Duration: ca. 0,5 hours
Max. number of participants: depends on the size of your group.

Canoe Tour on the Lahn River
Paddle in canoe boats of three, four or ten people on the beautiful Lahn river from Obernhof to Dausenau and experience teamwork at its finest. The harmonious waters and breathtaking nature make the adventure picture perfect. Prior experience is not required, precise instructions will be given on site. Lifejackets and waterproof boxes for transporting personal items are provided. Arrival and departure can be achieved within ca. 25 minutes by bus or by car. If you wish, we can arrange a barbecue on site or at the hotel to complete your trip.

Duration: ca. 3 hours + arrival and departure.
Max. number of participants: can be settled.
Misc.: resistant clothing would be beneficial.

"3 River Tour" by Ship
Ship from Vallendar across the rivers Rhine and Mosel, heading towards Lahn and enjoy the sight of various landmarks in Koblenz, such as “Deutsches Eck”, where the rivers Rhine and Mosel entwine, the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein and the harbouring spot Rheinpromenade. Furthermore, you will be passing the Rhine island, Niederwerth and Vallendar’s monastery Schönstatt. Arrival from the hotel takes about 10 minutes.

Duration: ca. 1,5 hours
Max. number of participants: 400
Misc.: Longer trips and buffets on board can be settled.

Bowling Evening
An outgoing bowling round is an always welcome alternative to complement a business meeting. The bowling alleys are ca. 5 minutes away by car, located in the nearby Grenzau.

Duration: ca. 2+ hours
Max. number of participants: can be settled.

Sightseeing at the Hachenburger Brewery
At this approximately 1-hour-long tour through the brewery, you will find out everything about the traditional Hachenburger brewing art. The selection and quality check of the raw materials, the brewing process, the long and cold ripening up to the bottling of the beer. Of course you will also stop by the “Zwickelkeller”, where you can taste unprocessed Hachenburger Zwickel beer. A luxury, usually only enjoyed by the brewmaster himself! Your parting gift: an exclusive beer glass as a collectible and your individual brewer’s charter. Snacks (e.g. Westerwälder potato soup) are bookable.

Arrival: ca. 25 minutes by bus or by car.
Duration: Sightseeing tour ca. 1 hour
Max. number of participants: can be settled.

Visit the Observatory of Sessenbach
Experience the universe through computer animated telescopes and admire the rugged lunar surface, Jupiter’s cloud bands, Saturn’s rings and many more bizarre spectacles. The solar observation and the “Evening Sky Tour” are always breathtaking to watch. On request or in case of bad weather, interactive lectures can/will be held. Arrival and departure is possible within ca. 10 minutes by bus or by car.

Duration: ca. 1,5 hours
Max. number of participants: 20
Misc.: In winter, warm clothing is required for the tour, since indoor heating is impossible due to technical reasons in the observatory.


This list features only part of the numerous possibilities our facility has to offer. We create and combine all incentives according to your wishes. If there is no suitable program for you included, please consult with us. We are open to all your wishes and ideas! Our creative and well organised team of experienced employees will be happy to pursue your wishes. In case we find ourselves at loss, we will seek professional consultation for you. You can count on us!