Impressing Castles near Rhine and Moselle

Festung Ehrenbreitstein

(distance to hotel: 21 minutes by car)

The impressive Ehrenbreitstein Fortress lies on top of the steep cliffs opposite the „Deutsches Eck“ (the picture shows a night view from Ehrenbreitstein to Deutsches Eck).The first fortress has been built around 1100, later it served as residence for the archbishops of Trier and as base to collect Rhine-toll. After the destruction of the French in 1801 the Prussians made it one of the strongest fortresses in the world. Today the building hosts the Koblenz State Museum, the Rhine Museum and a youth hostel.

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Drachenfels Castle

(distance to hotel: 47 minutes by car)

The ruin of Drachenfels Castle high above Königswinter offers an amazing view over the Rhine valley. The complex was built before 1147 to protect the property of Archbishop Arnold of Cologne. The restaurant and the ruin of the significant castle can be reached on foot, on donkey or with a rack railway.

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Lahneck Castle

(distance to hotel: 26 minutes by car)

Lahneck Castle is located on the slope just above the entry of the Lahn into the Rhine in Oberlahnstein. This classic example of Rhine romanticism, combined with medieval fortifications, English Noe-Gothic additions and precious fittings and furnishings was built before 1244. It was rebuilt after 1852 and most of the castle is now used as residential complex.
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Stolzenfels Castle

(distance to hotel: 25 minutes by car)

Stolzenfels Castle can be found above the rhine, opposite the confluence of the Lahn. It has been built from the 13th century and became a ruin after the destruction by the French in 1689 until King Friedrich Wilhelm of Prussia, who had been given the ruin as a present, rebuilt it in 1836-42.They included the remaining parts into a new design, which can be visited with the original furnishings. The castle courtyard, the residential chambers, the knights´halls and the chapel are said to be of particular interest.

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